I am always ready. Ready for hands to dart around corners, for shadows to come to life. I am ready for strangers to attack, for footsteps to mean someone is coming for me. I am ready for my nightmares to be real. I am on alert for voices to turn sharp and cold, I watch […]

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To be entirely honest, I procrastinated getting you a Mother’s Day present. Or getting you a card. But I’m not really a fan of most Mother’s Day cards anyway. I actually had a conversation earlier today about the challenge of finding a good greeting card: so many cards are…

A few months ago I started volunteering with the Washington County Parole and Probation Department. I was excited to have this unique opportunity, to get an inside view of a branch of our criminal justice system I am fascinated by. Working in community social work, it is clear to me that a big portion of […]

Today I came up with a new mindfulness game for myself. Because you need tricks for when inhabiting your body feels like hell. That probably sounds melodramatic for those of you fortunate enough not to share this experience. Sometimes ignorance really is bliss, appreciate that. For those of us whose brains and bodies don’t work […]


I don’t know how to let you go. Not that I cannot forgive you. In some ways it is both easier and harder to forgive an abuser that is faceless. The harder part is that the forgiveness feels vague and insubstantial, nebulous. I can forgive; I can somehow understand and not resent you. I understand […]

On sunshiny days like today, it is difficult to not feel loved by God. I mean, I’m talented, so I do it all the time. But the sun feels like a hug wrapping around me. I get awed by the simple fact that God bothered to make a world so absolutely beautiful. Often, my greatest […]