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When Being Single Is Enough

  I think about being single a fair amount. Seeing as I am single most of the time. Actually, if you calculate out the percentage, I have been single for 91% of my adult life. It’s okay and it’s not okay, it has its awful moments and its wonderful moments. Newly into my 30s, I […]


In Case I Never Told You

I say thank you a lot. I also say “I’m sorry” a lot, but I do that compulsively. I say “thank you” when I mean it. Sometimes though there are those things you don’t think to thank someone for in the moment, or it’s years later that you see the whole impact of that action […]

Today Is Love: A Panhandling Story

I’ve been thinking about panhandlers today. About how we interact with them. Next week I am planning on sharing my “Informal Guide for Giving to Homeless Individuals.” In the meantime, I want to share one of my most favorite, favorite stories from my work with homeless folks. One sunny afternoon, my client (we’ll call him […]

Grey Areas

Last Sunday night, a friend and I went to the Portland Poetry Slam. I have gone to this wonderful gathering only on a handful occasions, but it has always been enlivening and inspiring! I leave wanting to write all the poems. Poetry can be such a great format for the really raw sometimes not quite […]

Dear Mom

To be entirely honest, I procrastinated getting you a Mother’s Day present. Or getting you a card. But I’m not really a fan of most Mother’s Day cards anyway. I actually had a conversation earlier today about the challenge of finding a good greeting card: so many cards are just full of cliches or hyperbolic […]

Twenty-Four Hours

There is something unique to struggle that it can be at once a great bridge between people when solidarity is found in relating through similar hardships, but on the other extreme can make you feel terribly alone despite being surrounded and loved. There is such an individual nature to each of our particular sufferings, that […]


Photo by Jess Mann via Wikimedia Commons Shut tight, solid steel vault door, only no one knows the access codes. And you’re a maze even to yourself. It’s amazing how distant you can be, when all I am offering is love. It’s true, I’m sorry, my heart is like a diamond turning back to coal. […]

Maybe Love and Thank You Mean the Same Thing

                                  I wish I could write you a love poem. Write the lines like I hear in old folk songs: the kind that slow your heart just a beat or two, and fill your core with a hint of […]

When You’ve Been Single Long Enough . . .

So I’m 27-years-old, and dating for the first time in a long time. My theoretical past dating life was complicated by some major depression, some closet alcoholism, and a general dislike of being vulnerable and letting people get to know me. All great reasons not to date, kids! Now though, I am more willing and […]