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Fun News And Some Recommended Reading

Some time ago, a friend suggested I check out The Mighty -a community produced blog site that publishes stories about “disability, disease and mental illness.” It has a wide range of articles written by those personally dealing with tough issues. It can be a great resource if you yourself are facing anything from chronic illness to […]

Liebster Award

It’s taken me a month, but I am finally writing a post in response to my nomination for the Liebster Award. Thanks to Lavender and Levity for the nomination! The Liebster Award is an ongoing blogger award for new bloggers and bloggers with a small following (like me!). It’s a bit like a chain-letter award, […]

Burn It Down


Things I Do When I Should Be Doing Something Else

Sometimes when I am avoiding journaling my thoughts and feelings, I decide it sounds like a fun time to read through old journal entries rather than write new ones. I also do things like deep clean my bathroom or alphabetically catalog my bookshelves, you know, useful procrastination aids like that . . . It was […]

Good Morning Christmas

When I was a kid, it seemed like an injustice to humanity for my dad to work on Christmas Eve. Now, as an adult who works on Christmas Eve, I kind of like it. Waking up early when it is still dark, when the Christmas lights are still on, is a little bit magical. This […]

Feeling raw

Sunshine Decembers. It’s the sunny days always, when death comes calling, comes to tell you goodbye. The brief whispers of trees against wind, against fate. Soft soil clings to me, clings to you. Adding this day to my list of death days in December. I wrote this poem last year after I found out that my […]

Five-dollar Hooker

I read through the book of Hosea recently -a story which has always been intriguing to me- and have since been mulling it over. There are so many things about Hosea’s story that are beautiful and tragic and so very straight to the point. God sure doesn’t pull punches. The book of Hosea tells the […]