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Happy Birthday, Fair-Bear!

Happy birthday to one of the best people in my life! I met Farielle on the very first day of college, when we were both eighteen. We were in the same group for freshman orientation week. I remember thinking that she was beautiful. She doesn’t remember that she met me lol. Farielle is so many […]


All The Things I Learned From You

At some point, my grandfather decided to not read most of my blog posts because they are “too sad.” Which is a fair point, I suppose. However, this post is about him, so he’ll probably read it. Sorry Gramps, cause some of it is sad. I can’t help myself. In fact, let’s just jump right […]

Dear Mom

To be entirely honest, I procrastinated getting you a Mother’s Day present. Or getting you a card. But I’m not really a fan of most Mother’s Day cards anyway. I actually had a conversation earlier today about the challenge of finding a good greeting card: so many cards are just full of cliches or hyperbolic […]

Reasons to Stay Alive

When it comes down to it, it is often the little things that get me out of bed in the morning. On Monday for instance, I had a badass outfit to wear. Seriously folks, that’s what ultimately convinced me to not snooze my alarm for the fifth time. I’m telling you, it’s joy in the […]

Always In My Heart

My grandma’s death was one of the most beautiful and terrible experiences of my life. The day she died was a grey and rainy day in the middle of summer -which later we would comment as being funny timing. The dreariness coming as a surprise in the middle of a string of sunny days. The […]


I enjoyed a gorgeously slow and full 4th of July yesterday, which included a small, lunch picnic with a friend who unfortunately had to work, a lazy afternoon reading by a creek, a BBQ, and a quiet evening smattered with backyard fireworks. I’ve been lucky to spend much of the last two days with one […]

Oh Brother

I talked to my older brother, Ezekiel, yesterday. It had been about a month since we last talked, which is longer than we usually go. (I may have ignored a couple of his calls on the way . . . but shh). I like my older brother a lot. I’ve always thought he was cool […]

Under My Skin

People get there. Sometimes I love people so much that it breaks my heart. I work at a Senior/Community Center, and am blessed to see a handful of regulars on a daily basis. Some days this work feels tragic. Others it is just overwhelmingly too good. Eddie and Jo Jo are two brothers who come […]

A Day Like Any Other

So that was Christmas. I’ve been sick all day, and consequently a little out of it. It’s been a long time anyway, since Christmas lost the luster it had in childhood. That tantalizing magic of suspense and gifts, special decorations and traditions. Now I’m older, and the holiday is as much an inconvenience as it […]