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Healing, Faith, and How God Surprises Me Sometimes

What if being “healthy” looks nothing like I thought it should? I have always operated under the assumption that being healthy means participating in a certain way in certain things, means engaging in life in a specific way, means being “normal” as other people define it. Only, my “normal” has been a miserable and unhealthy […]

Worms and Wounds

Yesterday, I was sitting in the huge apple tree in our backyard. I love trees. I hate heights. Somehow I am okay if I am climbing a tree. This tree has a lot of lovely, thick branches that spread out almost horizontally. They are perfect for crawling out on and nesting yourself between. This is […]

When Death Is Beautiful



On sunshiny days like today, it is difficult to not feel loved by God. I mean, I’m talented, so I do it all the time. But the sun feels like a hug wrapping around me. I get awed by the simple fact that God bothered to make a world so absolutely beautiful. Often, my greatest […]

Because Our Hearts Are Broken Together

The other day, I was bemoaning how the trauma of my past seems so much more debilitating than it could ever be helpful: to me, to others, to Christ. Helpful for the ultimate point of serving God better -or freaking serving him at all. I said to God, “wouldn’t I be so much more useful […]


Lately, I have been so in awe of creation. Stunned by the miniscule incidences of nature as well as the grandiose. Like insanely amazed. Not just “wow the world is pretty,” but in the way that had me observing a ladybug for five minutes the other day. Ladybugs are amazing! I think I could be […]

Good Monsters

If I was stranded on an island and could only have one music album with me, it would be either Good Monsters by Jars of Clay or Simon and Garfunkel’s Greatest Hits. It’s a tough choice.  Today, though, I am caught up again in the poetry of the Good Monsters album. It has been over ten […]