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My name is Elyse Brouhard. I am twenty-something chronologically, but seven at heart, and generally an old-soul. I am the colors of Fall and the flowers of Spring. I love the feel of raindrops on warm skin. I am a poet and dreamer disguised as a cynic. I am soulful and hopeful in my best moments. I am a sometimes wayward servant. I believe in a God who loves fiercely and forgives wholly. I am an alcoholic in recovery. Broken in stained glass pieces: a patchwork quilt stitched together to make a beautiful whole.  I am struggling and healing, wounded and healed. I long for kinship, friendship, and sibling-hood.

I am a chocolate addict and lover of words. I breathe in the smell of bookstores, clean laundry and fresh cut grass. I am burning with questions and afraid of the answers.

I am here to listen and share, to embrace what is hard and cherish what is good.
I am muddy boots and rained on leaves -I take joy in stomping in puddles.

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My bio was inspired by the About Me section of Renee Altson, which has since changed but is still worth a read.

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