Boxing, Being a Badass, and Other Life Goals


Photo by Pixabay

I took up boxing this month. I have been saying that I would do it for about a year. I finally did it, after convincing the neighbor kid to do it with me. She may sometimes regret that decision now, but she’s hardcore and competitive. She kicks my butt in cardio.

I have so much respect for boxers. They are fit! I have done multiple sports growing up through college, I do not think I have ever worked out this hard. Yes, I would love to do 200 sit-ups and 50 squats. That sounds great. Yep, doing lunges in between sprints is a great way to catch my breath. Jogging rests? That’s cool.

And I was super not in shape to start with. Now I feel justified in eating as much candy as I do. I am eating candy right this moment. 

20190321_195157The boxing workouts are really tough, but I feel awesome when I am done. I feel powerful. This is an amazing way to feel in your body. Like you are fully inhabiting it with life force. I love this especially, because I often do not feel like I inhabit my body at all. Frequently I see my body as some kind of enemy that I happen to be trapped with.

But when I box, I am fully in my body. I love it. I feel myself to the end of my fingertips, pushing against the borders of my skin. I wonder if this is how we are meant to feel all the time?

Feeling buff is also a cool upside. And being allowed to punch things without getting in trouble.

What makes you feel fully alive in your body?



  1. Anonymous · · Reply

    moving pain free.
    and working out

  2. Debra Brouhard · · Reply

    I think for me it is drinking in the beauty of nature. Breathing the fresh intoxicating spring air. Watching a colorful sunrise or sunset. Being awed by the vastness of the ocean. Driving down Grand and seeing the panoramic view of the river and the hills then driving up Blandford under that glorious canopy of trees! There is never a time of year where that drive isn’t restorative for me.

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