Monthly Archives: September 2017

The Gift of Desperation

In AA we have this phrase we use, sometimes we refer to “the gift of desperation.” Meaning, that point of being so desperate that we were finally willing to do whatever it took to make changes, to try something new, to get better. It is the gift of desperation that brings us into the rooms […]


Celebrate The Hell Out Of It

One day it was summer, and the next day it was fall. The season transition was very abrupt this year. But apparently the weather is trying to bring summer back for an encore this week, ’cause it looks to be in the 80s again. That said, it’s autumn folks, and I am embracing it! Last […]

Burn It Down


Relapse is a Bitch

In the AA meetings that I have been attending lately, I seem to be hearing again and again about friends or friends of friends relapsing. Either this is happening more than usual, or I am more in tune to it than normal. When I hear that a close friend has relapsed, there is a brief […]