Monthly Archives: December 2016

Maybe Love and Thank You Mean the Same Thing

                                  I wish I could write you a love poem. Write the lines like I hear in old folk songs: the kind that slow your heart just a beat or two, and fill your core with a hint of […]

You Never Said Goodbye

I’m not a fan of goodbyes. The temporary kind, sure; the permanent kind, not so much. Death, when it comes suddenly, makes the possibility for a “good” goodbye difficult. That is a concept I learned about a number of years ago when working as a volunteer facilitator with a grief support group. Death makes the […]

December is Made for Heartache

Today my little sister would have been 22-years-old. Holy cow. It’s crazy to think about. Crazy that someone who was not around for very long can leave such a lasting impact. Surreal to imagine my toddler sister growing up and becoming a woman. My baby sister was just a little over one-year old when she […]

When You’ve Been Single Long Enough . . .

So I’m 27-years-old, and dating for the first time in a long time. My theoretical past dating life was complicated by some major depression, some closet alcoholism, and a general dislike of being vulnerable and letting people get to know me. All great reasons not to date, kids! Now though, I am more willing and […]