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God Grant Me . . .

If I were more prone to sermonizing, or to giving speeches, or actually just to talking in general, I could give a whole long discussion on The Serenity Prayer. Because it is so succinct and memorable, and it’s all the prayer you ever need, right from the first word: God. Sometimes that is as far […]



I walked into my first AA meeting on a Wednesday evening last June. It was sunny and rather lovely out, and I was nervous and cagey.  My friend April –who is not herself an alcoholic but who is, indeed, a great friend– accompanied me. After eight months of going regularly to this same meeting, I […]


I enjoyed a gorgeously slow and full 4th of July yesterday, which included a small, lunch picnic with a friend who unfortunately had to work, a lazy afternoon reading by a creek, a BBQ, and a quiet evening smattered with backyard fireworks. I’ve been lucky to spend much of the last two days with one […]