I Love Words -Guest Post

I periodically encourage the people around me to write, and like the idea of adding other voices to this blog –especially considering my erratic posting record.
My older brother, who is currently dabbling in journalism, but who has always had a penchant for writing, wrote this short piece recently:

“I love words, not the grammar and spelling -I am terrible at both. Yes, I do understand that grammar and spelling lend meaning, I am just bad at them. What I do love is how words flow, that they form sentences that tell stories. Words share heartache and anger. I love that I can get lost in another’s words, whether they are spoken or written. Even that phrase “get lost in another’s words” paints such a vivid picture. I like the idea that words might be read forever. We fall in love and sometimes out of love over, under and through words. Words reflect who we are and how we think. Words can do so much, and yet I often use them so little. I know the effect of words, understand the responsibility that such great power has, but barely take that responsibility. I could use my words to speak life into others, but instead often speak nonsense, or sometimes even destruction, into others lives. Most of the time it is not that I am using words unwisely, it is the fact that I neglect to intentionally use my words. The most important words we say often take effort. We have have to go out and say what needs to be said. In a world that hardly ever uses words for good, we have the responsibility to use words wisely.
I love words. ”

-Ezekiel J. Brouhard


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