Monthly Archives: June 2013

Praying Days

Thinking about goodbyes. About heartache. How you can grieve things that aren’t quite lost yet. How you can watch things breaking and not be able to stop it. How sometimes praying is like breathing is like crying. I feel the tears in my words before I feel them in my eyes. Lord, hold our breaking […]


A Treatise on Change

This is hardly going to be a treatise –I just like the way the word sounds. I have been thinking a lot about change lately though. Along with faith and doubt and grace and patience, and how all these things go hand-in-hand. We use urgent words words when we talk about change: necessity, concern, sin, […]


“I do believe; help my unbelief.” Ruminating on, praying on, clinging to this verse tonight. (Mark 9:24)

I Love Words -Guest Post

I periodically encourage the people around me to write, and like the idea of adding other voices to this blog –especially considering my erratic posting record. My older brother, who is currently dabbling in journalism, but who has always had a penchant for writing, wrote this short piece recently: “I love words, not the grammar […]