Feeling Free to Make Mistakes

I want more freedom in my life. Not in the way of doing more of what I want, more often. Rather, I want to feel more secure in what I have and who I am. More secure in the knowledge that mistakes are forgivable and that I am redeemable, regardless of what I do.
I live in fear so often. Fear of what others think, how others may react, fear of guilt and fessing up and apologizing, fear of making mistakes, fear of being wrong or not being good enough.
I don’t want to make mistakes. I want to feel like I could though.
I want to live a life that is open and full. Fully who I am –mistakes and all. I do not want to continue living a life structured around making the least amount of negative impact –which involves curtailing much of myself out of fear and caution, and curtailing a whole lot of positive possibility.
So here’s to being whole and broken. Saying sorry and learning how to do better.
Trusting that those around me will love me anyway.
I’m scared.


  1. Debra Brouhard · · Reply

    It’s like you’re inside my head!

    1. Haha, thanks! Glad you can relate 🙂

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