Words from my six-year-old philosopher

The other night I was brushing my teeth, and six-year old Luke was lying in the hallway chatting with me. We were discussing what he might be like in the future, and what kind of decisions he might make. Specifically, we were debating whether or not he would use swear words when he is a grown up. After a moments pause, Luke says to me, “There really is no such thing as the future.” I asked him what he meant by that. “Well, there is the present and the past, but the future just keeps becoming the present. So you can’t make decisions about the future, you make decisions about the present.”  So wise, this one.

Living in the moment is a talent that I have not yet gotten a handle on. There is a long list of pithy sayings that encourage this living in the present: Carpe diem. One day at a time. Minute by minute. Live in the now.  A long list of sayings that I am generally bad at putting into action.
I’m slowly growing into my own skin. Slowly growing into being comfortable in this minute, and the next.
It’s a bitch of a process.



  1. Debra Brouhard · · Reply

    I wholeheartedly agree with that last sentence!!

  2. Wow! love the way he thinks!! Brilliant!

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