Monthly Archives: February 2013

Double Standards

I often have different expectation for others than I do myself. I want those I love to take good care of themselves. I don’t think much of taking care of myself. I want people to be honest and vulnerable with me. I have a hard time being open about my thoughts and feelings. I am frustrated and concerned for […]



Some days I don’t have enough words. Rather, not enough time –energy– to sort the jumble in my head. Here is a prayer from a man who had many good words, Dietrich Bonhoeffer: “Morning Prayer” O God, early in the morning I cry to you. Help me to pray and to concentrate my thoughts on […]

Feeling Free to Make Mistakes

I want more freedom in my life. Not in the way of doing more of what I want, more often. Rather, I want to feel more secure in what I have and who I am. More secure in the knowledge that mistakes are forgivable and that I am redeemable, regardless of what I do. I live in fear so often. […]

Oh Brother

I talked to my older brother, Ezekiel, yesterday. It had been about a month since we last talked, which is longer than we usually go. (I may have ignored a couple of his calls on the way . . . but shh). I like my older brother a lot. I’ve always thought he was cool […]

Words from my six-year-old philosopher

The other night I was brushing my teeth, and six-year old Luke was lying in the hallway chatting with me. We were discussing what he might be like in the future, and what kind of decisions he might make. Specifically, we were debating whether or not he would use swear words when he is a […]

Love. You.

I have a lot to scream at you, if only you would yell back. Pull hair like siblings do, slam the doors that rattle our foundations. Break the unblood bonds we tied on sister wrists, chafed. You answer me in silence. Hurts more than words.