In My Skin

We have a friend staying with us for a while. It’s not uncommon to have guests in our house. We have a big house with lots of rooms and even more people. This house overflows: with noise and movement, family and friendship. Love and laughter, heartache and sorrow. 
Anyway, this particularly friend comes every year around the holidays to stay for a while. Tony is wonderful in many different ways. Tony is very much himself, all the time. I admire that. Am abashed by that. 
I am all at once inspired to be more like that, and shamed with how rarely I am. He exudes a kind of comfortableness with himself. His opinions and likes and dislikes. His needs and wants. 
I enjoy spending time with him for the energy and honesty he brings to the room. I feel freed and pulled to be more honest and open with myself. It’s amazing how people can, just by being themselves, ask more of you . . .


One comment

  1. Absolutely! We must try to be ourselves. We are unique!

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