Monthly Archives: January 2013

Under My Skin

People get there. Sometimes I love people so much that it breaks my heart. I work at a Senior/Community Center, and am blessed to see a handful of regulars on a daily basis. Some days this work feels tragic. Others it is just overwhelmingly too good. Eddie and Jo Jo are two brothers who come […]


Lawn Knives

“We all cut close. snip snip snip.” In the very early days of “getting sober.” Before I even realized that is what I was trying to do, I listened to this song obsessively. Because it was anxious and frenzied and crazy. Like I was. It had this feeling of going crazy and getting sane –together. […]

In My Skin

We have a friend staying with us for a while. It’s not uncommon to have guests in our house. We have a big house with lots of rooms and even more people. This house overflows: with noise and movement, family and friendship. Love and laughter, heartache and sorrow. Anyway, this particularly friend comes every year around the holidays […]